Artificial Silicone Breast Form SW-20

  • High quality pure silicone gel

Its Ergonomic “Hand touch” feel like baby skin (soft and comfortable whole day with skin) .

  • Charm & natural design

Fresh without produce order, soft & natural feel shape, stable to use.

  • Breathable grooveKeep skin comfortable, stays in place and be worn everyday.
  • High texture PU filmSilky touch, Fusion with skin.
  • Pure silicone gelComfortable whole day with ergonomics texture.
  • Realistic skin touchBaby skin touch, full with elasticity.
  • Ergonomics designComfortable groove promotes great air circulation.
  • Easy & fitCover wound with natural appearance

Our advantages

  • Our artificial silicone breast forms are available in crescent, tear drop, triangle and round bra pads.

  • We could customize any style that clients demand, such as softness, breast color, nipple styles and PU Thickness.

  • Safety material:100% premium hypoallergenic medical grade silicone gel, ultra-soft, skin-friendly, moves naturally with the body, feel like real breast.

  • Can wear them in any weather. If you want a very feminine and comfortable breast, these are the ones to get !!!!

Product description

artificial silicone breast

artificial silicone breast

artificial silicone breast

artificial silicone breastartificial silicone breast artificial silicone breast

About us

🌺 We-Ace Pinnacle Co., Ltd. are the manufacturer of “Mastectomy bras” and “Silicone breast forms” in Taiwan and our goods enjoy a high reputation for their excellent quality.

🌺 We have been engaged in this field for over 20 years and have good connections with our clients. We have made lots of model for European clients for 15 years ago and returning orders till now. Our broad range of business connections with many firms in Taiwan places us in a very competitive position. We can assure you the best quality at the most competitive prices.


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250g / piece, 300g / piece, 400g / piece, 500g / piece, 600g / piece

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