What is a Mastectomy bra?

►Mastectomy bra is specially designed for women who have breast cancer and had surgery for their breast. The main difference between common bra and a mastectomy bra is a hidden pocket where can put breast form. The pocket is designed to hold a breast prosthesis in a way that matches your natural breast.

These bras can be helpful after surgeries such as mastectomies, lumpectomies, breast reductions and breast reconstruction.


► How to choose your bra size?

M (70ABC〜75AB)

L (75CD〜80AB)

XL (80CD〜85AB)

XXL (85CD〜90AB)



🌺 Wireless:Comfortable all day.

🌺 Silicone pocket:Hold breast form securely in place and protect it from damage.

🌺 Widened side:To guarantee secure support from the bottom as well as incredible comfort.

🌺 Adjustable shoulder strap:Wide straps can help distribute the weight of the breasts on the shoulders.

🌺 4 row bra hook & eye:Enable you to adjust your bras easily.

Unilateral or Total Mastectomy Post surgical bra sewing sponge prosthesis breast foam with lining

► In addition to the pockets, we could also product breathable bra include mastectomy breast foam sewn in with lining, not removable.


🌺 Customization – 3 choices

We could customize in different sizes, styles and colors in low MOQ 1,000 pieces only.

  1. Unilateral or Total Mastectomy

You can choose the bra sewing sponge prosthesis breast foam with lining on one side or both sides.

  1. Normal bra

Wire-free bra and keeping a natural breast in place.

  1. Pocket design

The pocket is designed to hold a prosthesis or breast form in a way that matches your natural breast.

What is a breast prosthesis?

►It’s an artificial breast that is used after a woman’s breast has been surgically altered or removed. There are several different types of prostheses. Most breast prosthesis are made from medical grade silicone gel, can be adhered directly to the chest area or worn inside a bra.


► How to choose your breast prosthesis?

200 g /piece:A- cup

250 g / piece:A cup

300 g / piece:B cup

350 g / piece:C cup

400 g / piece:C+ cup

450 g / piece:D cup

500 g / piece:D+ cup

600 g / piece:E cup


🌺 We-Ace Pinnacle Co., Ltd. could customized any style clients demand (softness, breast color, nipple styles, PU thickness and breast style). Our breast prosthesis are available in crescent, tear drop, triangle and round bra pads. Can be matched to your breast size to correct weight imbalance. Giving you a more natural shape under clothes.

🌺 Safety material:100% premium hypoallergenic medical grade silicone gel, ultra-soft, skin-friendly, moves naturally with the body, feel like real breast.

🌺 Concave Design:Stable concave shape make it breathable and fits well for everyday use.

🌺 Can wear them in any weather. If you want a very feminine and comfortable breast, these are the ones to get !!!!

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